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Woodland Path (at the GLT's Mary Edwards Mountain Property) - Painting by Laura Eden

On behalf of the Granby Land Trust, we would like to thank you for becoming a Property Steward. Sound and consistent property stewardship efforts are critical to maintaining our owned properties, monitoring our donated conservation easements and providing land donors with the confidence that we will steward and preserve the properties that they have entrusted to our care.

Below are links to several important Property Steward documents that can be downloaded for easy printing or emailing:

- Duties of a Granby Land Trust Steward
- Granby Land Trust Property Monitoring Report
- Property Steward Adjacent Property Introduction Letter

Please note that Property Steward Monitoring Reports are due annually by October 15th. Property Stewards will receive an e-mail reminder that a report is due through our online property monitoring system. Please print the report out and sign it, prior to submitting the report. It can then be mailed to:

ATT: Property Stewardship
Granby Land Trust
PO Box 23
Granby, CT 06035

If you have a suggestion concerning a Property Steward resource material that should be included on this page or would like to become to become a Property Steward, please let us know by e-mailing Laurie Schock at, or by calling 860.653.0794.

Once again, we thank you for your dedication and commitment to the Granby Land Trust., PO Box 23, Granby, CT 06035